Inspiration and strength

Why the starry sky as background?

For me, it is a story from my earliest childhood. A few days after my great-grandmother died, I asked my grandmother, "Where is the granny now?" My grandmother explained to me that she is in heaven now with my grandfather. From there they will take care of me. I replied, "I can not see her". Patiently she told me to wait until night falls and the stars come out. Then I could see her glowing in the sky...

When I look into the starry sky today, I think of my grandmother and her story.
Then my heart feels warm and I find strength...

Maybe this story was told to you very similarly?

In life there are moments, when things suddenly change, e.g. a dear person dies or someone suddenly gets ill. Often you also carry something, which does not belong to you.

Sometimes you hold an old photograph in your hands, which shows your ancestors or their friends and you are interested to know more about them.

This is the moment to think about your roots and origins.

How did my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and their ancestors live? Where did they come from? Why did they move to Saxony? What made them stay in Saxony? What has let them move or flee from Saxony?

Maybe it was fertile soil, the emergence of cities and / or the beginning of industrialization?
Did they come as settlers? Were they looking for exile or were they displaced by war and disease?

Why did some of them go away looking for fortune all over the world?

We help you to explore your Saxon roots.

Take a step with us and experience a piece of your personal story.