We offer services to those searching for answers in the entire German-speaking area, as well as in Poland and the Czech Republic.

The focus is on Saxony, primarily the cities of Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz and the districts of Oberes Elbetal (Upper Elbe Valley), Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland), Muldental (Mulde Valley), Lausitz (Lusatia) and the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains).

We offer genealogical services and family research for individuals. The searches include state, regional, municipal, church and private archives and institutions; at home and abroad:

  • Development of personal family history
  • e.g. copies of church records to baptisms, marriages and burials of your ancestors
  • e.g copies of trading books to possessions, places of residence and living conditions of your ancestors
  • acquisition and transcriptions of civil registration documents
  • preparation of family chronicle, list of names and descendants, graphic representations
  • transcription and translation of old writings and texts
  • search of persons on old photos
  • organizing and accompanying trips to the places of origin of their families and locating their homes
  • identification of living descendants

We charge an explicit expense allowance for our research.
This depends on the extent of your desired research; plus the cost of copying, archiving, driving and transport costs. All including sales taxes.